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How to Apply


To better serve the needs of nonimmigrant visa applicants, we have instituted an online visa appointment service.

The embassy strongly encourages intending travelers to apply for visas well in advance of their proposed journey, and to always refrain from making irrevocable travel plans until the visa has been issued and they are in receipt of their passport and visa.

The Port Moresby Consular District includes the following: Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: The nonrefundable USD160.00 application fee for Business and Visitor visas (B1/B2). Please Note: Effective April 03, 2014 the new Kina fee for a nonimmigrant visa is PGK432. Note: This fee is non-refundable. This fee is valid for use within one year of the receipt date.

Step 2: Complete the web-based non-immigrant visa application form DS-160 online.  The DS-160 replace the Electronic Visa Application Form (EVAF) and combines all information previously collected on the DS-156, 157, and 158.

Once complete, please print out the confirmation page and bring it to your interview. The confirmation page is all that is need to retrieve the application date. Without it, it may not be possible to access your application nor process your visa case.

For a list of frequently asked questions, explore the DS-160.

Those applying for K visas should contact the Consular Section for the appropriate application materials.

Applicants for student/exchange program visas (F1, M1 and J1) must include the original Form I-20 (F1/M1) or DS-2019 (J1) and proof of SEVIS payment. Family members seeking F2, M2 and J2 status need their own I-20 forms.

SEVIS fees are paid online. The institution should advise of SEVIS fee payment information and procedures.

Step 3: You can ONLY make an appointment after you have completed a DS-160 application form to schedule an appointment. Please schedule only one appointment per person. If you schedule numerous appointments, they will not be accepted.

Step 4: All persons and property entering the U.S. embassy are subject to search for security purposes. All electronic devices, liquids and/or flammable items including cigarette lighters and matches are not allowed in the embassy building. After inspection, mobile phones may be checked at the door of the embassy and will not be brought inside the building. At the interview, the primary applicant will be the only person allowed into the embassy except in the case of minor children (age 17 and under). Parents or legal guardians are advised to accompany a minor child.

Step 5: Most applicants will be told immediately following the interview whether or not they will be granted a visa.

Step 6: All applicants must present the following documents at the interview:

  • Passport: Current, valid passport with at least 6 months remaining until it expires. There must be at least one empty page within the passport to adhere a visa if it is approved.
  • Application Form Confirmation: DS-160 confirmation page.
  • Photograph: A 2” X 2” size color passport photo with a white background, taken within the last six months. The head (measured from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin) should measure between 25-35mm with the head centered in the frame facing straight. This picture should be scanned into the DS-160 application. Please bring the photo to the interview.
  • Visa Fee Payment: You must bring the non-refundable application fee of USD 160 or PGK432. A copy of SEVIS payment receipt for student visa applicant.
  • Supporting Documentation: Any extra documents should demonstrate the applicant's family, financial, employment, and/or other ties to their country of residence. Furthermore, applicants must show legal intent, credible plans, and sufficient resources for the period of travel. Finally, they must show that they will not need or seek unauthorized employment, studies, or public support during their stay. Each applicant must establish eligibility for a visa based on his/her own merits. The presence of a sponsor in the United States does not overcome the presumption that the applicant is an intending immigrant nor does the applicant's purpose of travel.

We are required to interview and fingerprint all applicants from ages 14 to 79 years. Applicants below 14 years and above 80 years, are exempted from the personal appearance/interview requirement.

We urge persons who know they will be traveling to apply early. Unfortunately, we will be able to make earlier appointments ONLY in emergency cases, i.e., life or death situations, and in cases regarding students and exchange program participants. Hence, we will not be able to make earlier appointments because a flight, a conference, or other travel opportunity will be missed.